January 15, 2023 @ 11:00 am – 5:00 pm America/Denver Timezone

Swiss Tournament (best two out 3) 45 minutes per round

Deck Registration: Deck registration can be made by handing the sheet in at the store or submitting the
deck log code (either on the sign-up sheet or can be given during check-in). The deck log code website is
here: https://decklog-en.bushiroad.com/

Check-in / Start Time: We plan to open the store at 11:00 am (however, someone will be there in the
parking around 1030 am to answer any questions). Check-in closes at 11:50 am. The tournament will
start at 12:00 pm.

Registration Fee: $20 per player (cash is preferred as it helps out the store (not paying fees credit card
fees), however, the store will accept credit/debit cards. In addition, players will receive four entry packs
from D-BT06. We will also be raffling off some playmats.

Format: D-Era with current restriction list. The restriction list can be found here: https://en.cf-

Prize Structure Breakdown:
Entrants Positions Paid Prize in Boxes Prize in Boxes
1-6 Top Two 3 2 Boxes; 1 Box
6-9 Top Three 4.5 3 Boxes; 1 Box; 8 Packs
10-12 Top Three 6 3 Boxes; 2 Boxes; 1 Box
13-15 Top Four 7.5 4 Boxes; 2 Boxes; 1 Box; 8 Packs
16-18 Top Four 9 4 Boxes; 3 Boxes; 1 Box & 8 Packs; 8 Packs
19-21 Top Five 10.5 4 Boxes; 3 Boxes; 2 Boxes; 1 Box; 8 Packs
22-24 Top Five 12 5 Boxes; 3 Boxes; 2 Boxes; 1 Box; 1 Box

At any point in the game, a player may call a judge for assistance with a ruling or interaction. However,
the judge will not advise the game state or what decisions you should make.

While trading is fine, please note that buying/selling items with anyone other than Petrie’s Family
Games staff (or soliciting to do so elsewhere) is against the rules and the law. Doing so may result in
both the buyer and the seller being removed from the property. This also includes being permanently
banned from returning and the police being notified.

Petrie’s Family Games also reserves the right to limit the amount of space occupied by any individual. At
the same time, trading does not allow using suitcases, handcarts, luggage carts, etc., to transport
excessive amounts of trade stock.

All food & drink must be kept off the tables except where signage says otherwise.
Horseplay, roughhousing, rude/disrespectful/discourteous behavior, and foul language are not
Report any lost or unattended item(s) to a Petrie’s Family Games staff member.
Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Feel free to contact us through our Facebook page. We want your experience to be as enjoyable as
possible and do our best to assist you in any way.
If you have any suggestions to make this event more enjoyable or discover an issue that was not
covered previously in these rules, please speak to the Tournament Organizer (TO) or a sales associate in-
store, and they’ll be happy to assist you.


Remember, Petrie’s is a family friendly environment. No unfriendly trash talking, foul language, intimidation or inappropriate conversation. Managers and judges have the right to eject any player violating the house rules with no refund.

By attending any event as a participant you agree to play by all house & game rules, including maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask covering your mouth and nose. Additionally, you understand that the Play Space and all events held within are a privilege & release Petrie’s Family Games of all liabilities. 

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