June 15, 2024 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm America/Denver Timezone

We are currently looking for DM’s to run a second table or take on our 2PM table. Currently the 2PM will not run until we have a DM to fill in.

Remember, Petrie’s is a family friendly environment. No unfriendly trash talking, foul language, intimidation or inappropriate conversation. Managers and judges have the right to eject any player violating the house rules with no refund. By attending any event as a participant you agree to play by all house & game rules. Additionally, you understand that the Play Space and all events held within are a privilege & release Petrie’s Family Games of all liabilities. 

Children aged 13 and younger must bring a guardian or parent

4 thoughts on “Dungeons & Dragons

  1. Hello there! I’m a DM who is newer to the area. I see you’re looking for someone on Saturdays. Please feel to reach out to me at my email if you’d like to discuss if it would be a good fit!

    • petriesfg says:

      Hello Thomas, thank you for reaching out. We are always happy to welcome more GMs. We are good for our 3rd Saturday for now and have decided to suspend our kids D&D until the summer, but I’d love to put you on our GM notification list if you like. We also have Free RPG day coming up in June and host quarterly RPG days in which we are always needed more talent to fill the schedule. Let me know (by reaching out to petriesfg@gmail.com) if it is alright for me to add you to our email list for GMs and we’ll get you more information shortly.

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