September 29, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm America/Denver Timezone

Magic the Gathering: Commander

Special Event in celebration of Zendikar Rising! Delve into adventure once again as we return to Zendikar for Commander night at Petrie’s Family Games to celebrate the launch of the newest Magic set, Zendikar Rising. If you bring a commander deck led by a legendary creature printed in any Zendikar-themed set, then you will receive prizes (be entered to win prizes? not sure how you want to word that) for every game that you play that deck.
The Zendikar-themed sets include: Zendikar, Worldwake, Rise of the Eldrazi, Battle for Zendikar, Oath of the Gatewatch, and the brand-new Zendikar Rising.

Prize support in promo cards and Zendikar posters

Strict 12 player maximum; RSVP HIGHLY recommended

6PM – 8PM

New Players Welcome – Recommended Age 13+

Room Host: Alec Bishop


Currently all events require face-masks to be worn at all times, 6-feet distancing must be maintained whenever moving about the store, all places (chairs and tables) must be wiped down after use, bathroom and vending areas cleaned after each use and cleaned by an employee or host every 2 hours. Plexiglas dividers are available for any game that cannot be played outside of a 6-foot range. The Play Space will not host more than 2 events at a time with no more than 8 and 16 entrees per event. Check-in to any event requires contact information on file, temperature checks at the door and sign-in at front counter. RSVP is highly recommended as space restrictions will be strictly enforced.

Remember, Petrie’s is a family friendly environment. No unfriendly trash talking, foul language, intimidation or inappropriate conversation. Managers and judges have the right to eject any player violating the house rules with no refund.

By attending any event as a participant you agree to play by all house & game rules, including maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask covering your mouth and nose. Additionally, you understand that the Play Space and all events held within are a privilege & release Petrie’s Family Games of all liabilities. When signing in for any event at Petrie’s you declare, to the best of your knowledge, you have not had a cough, fever, or other symptoms of COVID-19, have not been involved in extensive traveling in the last 14 days, nor have you been exposed to anyone else that has been sick within the last 14 days.

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