August 30, 2022 @ 6:07 pm – 7:07 pm America/Denver Timezone
Alec Bishop

It’s time for the event announcement you’ve all been waiting for! It’s time for the Revel in Reprints Budget League! We’ve gotten so many great reprints in both Battle for Baldur’s Gate and for Double Masters 2022 that have tanked the value of many great commanders and staples alike. Let’s see what you can brew with these riches!

Here are the build rules: every card in your commander deck, including your commander must be under $1. Pricing will be based on the platform of your choice and needs to be proven the week leading up to the start of the league. (I recommend Scryfall, since you get a great per card breakdown of price and you can also search with price parameters) Later price fluctuations won’t impact your deck at all.

Entry is $5 per player at the start of the league, which will take place during the entire month of August. Prize payout to be determined by the number of entrants into the league.

You may play 2 league matches every week on Tuesdays only. There are match record sheets where we can keep track of who played and how everyone placed. Points are assigned based on your standing at the end of a game. We will also track how many players you personally eliminated during a game and will have a prize for the deck with the most kills at the end of the league. We will also determine who has the best winning record per game (minimum 4 games) to help out those who can’t make it every week. Finally, we will have a favorite/silliest deck entry to be voted upon the final week of the event (can’t vote for yourself).

Please let me know if you have any questions and happy brewing! I’ll see you all in the budget arena come August!

More information to come.

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