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After five years in deep space, husband and wife transport ship owners, Artie and Lara Glenn, finally seem to catch some much-needed vacation time away from the empty silence. But when an accident on arrival at their next destination, a space station in the asteroid belt, almost destroys their ship and costs the company they work for, DATO, millions, their vacation is forced to be postponed even longer. Taking off once again on their 26-day journey back to Earth with a full cargo and 12 passengers, the five-man crew has a tough time believing matters could get any worse. That is, until another unexpected accident cripples their vessel all together, leaving them a drift towards Earth with only their creativity and their will to survive. Yet even as space continues to throw new life-threatening challenges their way, an unseen stowaway now stalks their ship around every hallway, leaving tensions high and their will to stay alive even stronger. The question now is, will they beat the odds constantly being staked against them? Or see their ship become their tomb a drift in deep space?



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