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Veil of the Void is a sci-fi fantasy tabletop role-playing game with a living ruleset. It contains a massive sci-fantasy universe that is continuously growing. The rules encourage fun and creativity, giving GMs and Players every rule necessary to homebrew with ease. Every rule grows alongside players and feels as if each decision has weight. It is designed to break norms and not confine itself to TTRPG standards.Everything encourages story, from Skills, Classes, Races, Combat, Expertise, and even Starships. Skills are gained as players use them. Classes can be customized and mixed and matched to fit that perfect character idea you have. Each race has its unique ancestry paths, allowing the whole party to play the same race with each character still maintaining their separate identity. Combat flows effortlessly but encourages players to always think on their feet and outside the box. Player choices result in Expertise tailored to their choices; feats that can dramatically affect how your character plays and feels. Since Veil of the Void’s main story is set within a sci-fantasy universe, any and every genre can mix together. Magic and technology work effortlessly alongside one another. But do not feel confined to play within our universe; homebrewing is actively encouraged! Make whatever you can think of a reality! This book is a gateway to limitless creativity and imagination.Everything you need to play a game is solely contained within a single book!


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