As many of you know, Friday Night Magic (or FNM) is a staple for most game stores. But we wanted to give our players a little bit more.

Starting in December, we began a monthly league which went really well. So we’re going to continue. Each time you attend and play you rack up points which can qualify you for promos, in-store prizes, Magic product and more. The grand prize is given to the top player each month, and we have some great items lined up.

This January, we’ll be giving away the Silverquill Statement Commander deck plus many other promos and prizes!

Starting in January we are also adding a semi-frequent Magic Standard league on Saturday nights. We have a few tentative dates, so be watching our calendar for specifics. February 10th is our planned start date for the alternate Standard night starting at 6PM.

Don’t forget we still have our Lawnmower Elves Commander League every Tuesday at 6PM too!

We hope that you’ll find more of an excuse to continue playing Magic at Petrie’s through these new additions. See you soon!

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