Agent’s Alquist Proft, Kaya, & Kellan are on the job! Magic’s unique take on the classic mystery genre starts Friday through Saturday with sealed format events! Friday 6PM Sealed, Saturday 11AM Sealed, Saturday 6PM Two-Headed Giant. $30 per event but presign up for all three and take $15 off ($5 per tournament).


In a city that needs investigating, you’re the one on the job. Find out who committed the murders at Karlov Manor … before you become their next victim.

This set introduces the new Play Booster (Draft and Collectible Boosters are no longer produced):


As many of you know, Friday Night Magic (or FNM) is a staple for most game stores. But we wanted to give our players a little bit more.

Starting in December, we began a monthly league which went really well. So we’re going to continue. Each time you attend and play you rack up points which can qualify you for promos, in-store prizes, Magic product and more. The grand prize is given to the top player each month, and we have some great items lined up.

This January, we’ll be giving away the Silverquill Statement Commander deck plus many other promos and prizes!

Starting in January we are also adding a semi-frequent Magic Standard league on Saturday nights. We have a few tentative dates, so be watching our calendar for specifics. February 10th is our planned start date for the alternate Standard night starting at 6PM.

Don’t forget we still have our Lawnmower Elves Commander League every Tuesday at 6PM too!

We hope that you’ll find more of an excuse to continue playing Magic at Petrie’s through these new additions. See you soon!

KEYFORGE IS THE INNOVATIVE CARD GAME where every deck is a unique combination of cards! No other player will ever wield the same KeyForge deck. Wielding a unique 36-card deck, assuming the role of a powerful Archon, players seeks to maneuver creatures and artifacts from three allied houses to accumulate enough Æmber to forge the vital Vault Keys.
The player to first forge three keys wins!  Will it be you?

When Keyforge broke onto the scene, it was yet another break through for celebrated game designer Richard Garfield. Using a unique algorhytm, the game centered on a full deck that was unique in all of it’s make up, including an orginal deck name and design on the back of the cards, so that collecting and secondary markets were no longer a centerpoint, which is what had happened to so many other collectible card games, include THE card game that had made Garfield royalty in the gaming world.

It featured a great combative playstyle but not one with life points and agressive or defensive elements, but instead it was based more on the race of getting to three keys being forged before the opponent. While combat was a necessary component, it was simply a means to slow down any engine-building that your opponent may be using to propel themeselves ahead in the race.

Top it all off with witty titles, cute and colorful artwork, astounding themes… keyforge was breaking into the card game scene with a solution for any gamer tired of the money-grab strategies of the card game market.

And then it happened…

Something broke the algorhythm.

Keyforge suddenly stopped producing, and while world events were definitely playing a part in it, the concensus was that the design element that made keyforge unique was what actually undermined it’s ongoing production.

Fast forward a few years and bring in the previous owner of Fantasy Flight Games, the company originally repsonsible for bringing Keyforge to the market. Christian started a new company and it’s first mission… bring back Keyforge.

The day is finally here and Keyforge is back on the market. With new innovations and a chance to tweak minor imperfections from the previous sets, the new release for Keyforge was met with overwhelming support in a crowd funding project that has succeeded in launching Keyforge back into the collectible card game market. This game is perfect for new card players and experienced card players alike, this completely original card game is getting it’s time at the table once again at Petrie’s every 2nd, 4th, and 5th Thursdays at 5:30. If you don’t have a deck, we have plenty for you to use and learn.

We believe strongly in this game at PFG and we want to share it with you. There’s really no way to fully explain it’s immersive fun until you’ve actually experienced it yourself. Bring you family, bring yourself, do whatever it takes to show up and let Aaron and the Keyforge group show you what it’s all about.

See you there!