The Magic world was disrupted last week, not due to another amazing set release (although that isn’t to be overlooked), but due to snow storms in Texas. With much scrambling and a few apologies, we were forced to move our prerelease events to this weekend, when our card packs didn’t show in time. We’re still going through with our Magic the Gathering: Phyrexia All Will Be One prerelease tournaments… just a week late.

This means that you still have a chance to play in Sealed Format tournaments starting Friday night, Febrary 10 at 6PM, then again on Saturday morning at 11AM. And what has become the Petrie’s tradition, we’ll launch a 2-Headed Giant team game at 6PM Saturday night.

We’d love to see all of you there, and if you previously signed up for last week’s events, we transfered your name to this week’s sign up sheet to make sure you have a seat.

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